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Acceptance Message

My Dear Amirians, Greetings!!! I am extremely honored to have been elected and promoted to the office of the President of Amiri International Development Union (AIDU) after serving as your Vice President for 5 years, […]

The State Of Our Union 2020

Greetings my fellow Amirians and AIDU Family. I hope you are keeping safe and taking all the necessary precautions against this invisible enemy called Coronavirus. I pray that our God will see us all through […]

2019 Amiri Cultural Day Celebration

The traditional rulers, president general Amiri Clan, the Cultural Committee and the Entire Amiri Clan in Oru East Local Government Area, Imo State cordially invites you to their cultural day celebration. See invitation above for […]

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AIDU at a Glance


Welcome to the Amiri International Development Union (AIDU) Web Site and thanks for visiting. At the end of your virtual tour of Amiri through this medium, you will be amazed and...


AIDU regularly holds conventions once every year (now once every 2 years). These conventions are held around July in different cities in the United States where the association has affiliates.


Over the years, AIDU has embarked on several community development projects in Amiri. Such projects include the rehabilitation of Schools, Roads and healthcare delivery systems.


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On behalf of Amiri International Development Union (AIDU), I welcome you to our website, an avenue for us to reach each other. In the website you will learn about Amiri town, its rich culture, the Amiri community in Diaspora, the projects we are involved in and how you can support us in building a stronger Amiri community here and Amiri town back in Nigeria. Our motto is to make Amiri a more livable town for all.
Prince Vitalis Ogbeama.
National President, AIDU.

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