AIDU National Conventions

AIDU regularly holds conventions once every year (now once every 2 years). These conventions are held around July in different cities in the United States where the association has affiliates. It affords a unique opportunity to members of the association to gather over a two day period in deliberation of matters affecting AIDU and Amiri in general.

The convention has been held in several cities over the years including Washington, DC, Silver Spring, Maryland, Newark, New Jersey, Portland, Oregon, Dallas, Texas, and San Jose, California. Plans are under way to hold future conventions in Amiri and in London, England. Click on a link below for more information on that year’s convention.

Portland, Oregon, 2019
New Jersey, 2017
Washington, DC 2015
Washington DC, 2011
Portland, Oregon 2010
New Jersey, 2009
Washington, DC 2008
Washington, DC 2007
Portland, Oregon 2006
New Jersey, 2005
San Jose, California 2004
Dallas, Texas 2003
Washington, DC 2002