History of amiri

Amiri: My Fatherland. This is the history of Amiri Clan recorded by Ekelekamchukwu son of Efelemegide, son of Ibenyenwa, son of Ngwadom, son of Okorie, son of Ubanwa, son of Nwokemebilaloibeyaihe, son of Durureji, son of Ejigweaku, son of Amakpu, son of Duruogwugwu, son of Mbubu, son of Amiri, son of Oru, son of Imo, …

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amiri roads

Ama-John through Orie Amiri road is the gateway to Amiri from Owerri to Onitsha Road. This road passes through Nchoko, Ubahazu, Mbubu, and Amaokpara villages. The other major roads in Amiri are Mbubu to Umuduru through Otulu Town. Others are Mbubu to Umuecheta road, to Amuka, to Ugbeke and Umudioka Towns. All these roads are …

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AIDU News Flash

2023 AIDU Convention. latest updates. Greetings AIDU members, We are excited to remind everyone about the upcoming biannual convention on Saturday, August 19 in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year’s convention is particularly special, as it marks the first in-person gathering since the pandemic began. Everyone is looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making …

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