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Letter of Introduction from Gideon Obi, Esq., Chairperson, Umunnawuike.

I am incredibly excited and honored to have the opportunity to advance Umunnawuike’s mission to promote the welfare of Amirians in the Washington, DC metropolis and support community development in Amiri Township, Oru East Local Government, Imo State, Nigeria. Permit me to recognize the competent leadership of our amazing outgoing President, Chief Constantine Ihearahu and his team. Our term officially began January 20, 2019. Our ongoing goal is to strengthen the association by continuing to expand our membership, maintaining the unity of the organization, and leading initiatives that will benefit Umunnawuike members and Amiri Township as a whole. Assisting me in achieving this goal is a team of dedicated officers; each one brings a diversity of thought, talent and passion to leadership:

Elias Anochirim – Secretary
Amobi Uzoukwu – Financial Secretary
Charles Odidika – Treasurer
Christiain Madu – Provost

It is an honor to lead and work with such an amazing team, but nothing we do would be possible without a strong community of passionate people who come together to donate their time, resources, and talent, serve on committees and offer up their spaces for us to use in support of our important mission. I am optimistic about the future of Umunnawuike, and confident that we can continue to carry the torch and serve the evolving needs of our membership and Amiri community as a whole. Come along for what will be a very engaging and fulfilling ride.

Thank you,

Gideon Obi, Esq.
August 6, 2019