Message from the president

My Dear Amirians, Greetings!!!

I am extremely honored to have been elected and promoted to the office of the President of Amiri International Development Union (AIDU) after serving as your Vice President for 5 years, and I accept the responsibilities that you have entrusted unto me. I get overwhelmed when I reflect on the process it has taken to steady and steer aright the ship of Amiri in past few weeks and I’m grateful for the role that each and every one of you played in that process. I have tons of people to thank but I’ll try to keep this short.

First and foremost, I thank God who has ordained this time from the foundations of the earth. A few months ago, I could not have envisaged the chain of events that led up to this moment, but God destined it, and I give him thank. I want to thank my beautiful wife and partner of 27 years Lolo Ngozichukwuka Mary Ngwadom for her support, good counsel, and patience. I want to also thank my children Chinwendu, Chiagoziem, Chukwuebuka and Chideraa who sometimes endure neglect in my service to Amiri – Thanks for your understanding.

I’d like to recognize our AIDU Patrons, Dr. Ngozika Nwaneri, Dr. Gerry Uba and Dr. Richard Nwachukwu. Your unflinching effort to keep Amiri together was once again tested in the most consequential manner ever, and you rose to the challenge with the recent settlement of the impasse. I am grateful that this organization can count on your support and wisdom in our times of trouble.
Isaac Newton once said that, if he had seen far, it is because he stood on the shoulders of those who were here before him. In that vein, I’d like to recognize all past Presidents of AIDU including Dr. Gerry Uba, Dr. Richard Nwachukwu, Dr. Ken Onyima, Mr. Teddy Ojibe, Hon. Dike Uzoukwu, and our immediate past President, my fellow Prince, Dr. Vitalis Ogbeama. Your sacrifices for Amiri shall never be forgotten. Likewise, I appreciate all our Chapter Presidents, Chief Bona Duru, New Jersey; Attorney Gideon Obi, Washington/Maryland/Virginia; and the Oregon Chapter President, Prince Kenneth Ogbeama. You all play a vital role in AIDU structure as there is no AIDU National without the local chapters. Thank you for your leadership and unwavering support.
I thank my amazing team of Executives consisting of Mr. Uzodinma Uba, Secretary; Chief Constantine Ihearahu, Assistant Secretary; Mr. Chinedum Obieribeya, Provost; Mr. Ekwueme Nwerem, Financial Secretary; Chief Tobias Ogbuluo, PRO; and last but not the least, Mrs. Queen Duru, Treasurer. Wow! What a team. Thank you a million. Amiri appreciate your service, tenacity, and good judgment.

To my fellow Amirian, our town requires a lot of improvements, and so does our Union. Our resolve to be together has been tested, and the inherent weaknesses of our current structure exposed. It is obvious that our leaders need to be more accountable; our finances need to be safer; our laws need to be more comprehensive; and our union made stronger. My team and I will spare no effort to addressing these challenges immediately because it is only when AIDU is healthy can it bring positive developments to Amiri. Let me assure you that in my activities I will be guided by the bylaws of this association and our collective decisions. I pledge to implement the resolutions made by this honorable union without any ulterior motive or agenda. I pledge to work in the interest of all Amiri and not any village. I pledge to do my best to keep us all united. We will rise from this present crisis with new strength, unity, and resolve. Amiri must be better, and I am honored to lead the way.

Thank you again for your trust in me and my team. I am proud of your trust and will justify it to the best of my competence and knowledge. May God continue to bless Amiri. Thank you.

Prof. Ekelekamchukwu Ngwadom
President, Amiri International Development Union
August, 2020

Prof Ngwadom
Prof Ngwadom