President’s Message 2019 AIDU Convention (Oregon)

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Mr. Chairman, members of the high table, the Title holders, distinguished friends of Amiri, my Amiri brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, thank you wholeheartedly for being here this evening and for honoring our invitation.

On behalf of the Amiri International Development Union (AIDU), it is really an honor and a privilege to welcome you to our 25th Convention and Fund raising gala night.

If my memory serves me well this will be the 5th time our brothers and sisters here in Oregon have hosted the Amiri Convention and also the 5th time you have supported us in our cause to Make Amiri a Livable Place for all. Glory be to our good God for bringing us together this evening as a family and as a community of friends.

Amiri International Development Union (AIDU) is an Association of Amirians, Amiri Americans, and friends of Amiri. AIDU has for years embarked on several community development projects in Amiri, among them are the rehabilitation and construction of schools, upgrading of roads, rehabilitation and construction of hospitals and clinics, water projects, Scholarships for the less fortunate and other projects.

AIDU has accomplished a lot over the years, but still has many other projects that we desperately need your financial support. So I ask you this evening to please open your hearts and your wallets to support us again, knowing that your kind donation is tax deductable as AIDU IS A TAX EXEMPT ORGANIZATION.

As we celebrate and socialize tonight, let’s not forget those members in our communities and around the world who are less fortunate or suffering from various debilitating illnesses. Let’s continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Finally, I want to thank all my Amiri brothers and sisters who travelled from all over the United States of America and the world to be here this weekend, your noble efforts to Make Amiri a Livable place are noted and commendable.

Thank you the AIDU hosting Chapter the Amiri Umunna Association of Oregon and SW Washington, you continue to amaze and make us proud.

Again thank you all for being here this evening and May God continues to bless you and replenish your pocket as you give tonight.


Dr. Prince Vitalis C. Ogbeama
National President
Amiri International Development Union (AIDU)

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