The State Of Our Union 2020

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Greetings my fellow Amirians and AIDU Family. I hope you are keeping safe and taking all the necessary precautions against this invisible enemy called Coronavirus. I pray that our God will see us all through this and we will give testimony at the end.
My brothers and sisters the State of our Union is great. The AIDU Executive Body had its teleconference meeting this last Sunday April 19th, 2020. The meeting included the Chapter Presidents who contributed immensely in the deliberation, and I sincerely thank them for their participation and contributions.
1. One of our sisters Ogechi Ogbolu who lives in the Maryland area officially registered in AIDU with her $50 registration fee, and is now a financial member of AIDU. On behalf of the AIDU family Ogechi welcome to the Union.
2. Bank Signatories has been changed to reflect the new elected officials.
3. AIDU current Bank Statement Total is (…). Please see the attached Bank Statement for  your record.
4. The AIDU Tax Exempt Status is renewed, current and intact. See the attached copy from the IRS.
     I appeal to those members that donated during the last AIDU Convention but are waiting for the renewed Tax Exempt status to please redeem their donations.
AIDU Executive deliberated on how best to give a helping hand to the less fortunate back home during the Teleconference Meeting, and came up with the conclusion and suggestion of appropriating the sum of 1.5 Million Naira from the AIDU Account with individual donations to supplement the 1.5 Million Naira.
The Executive body immediately answered the call with donations from the following individuals:
1) Vitalis Ogbeama
2) Tobias Ogbulor
3) Zion Obieribeya
4) Kenneth Ogbeama
5) Bona Duru
6) Queen & IG Duru
7) Uzodinma Uba
A Zelle Account was immediately provided to facilitate the collection of the donations and is open now for your contribution.
Time is of the essence and you can send your individual donation now.
The Executive has agreed on creating an AIDU-USA Whatsup forum with strict rules and regulations to guide against abuse and unnecessary postings that do not advance the progress and upliftment of Amiri Clan.
Finally, An AIDU ALL TELECONFERENCE MEETING to specifically address the Coronavirus relief to Amiri Clan has been scheduled for Sunday May 3rd, 2020
TIME: 5/8 PM Pacific and Eastern Time
Teleconference # 401-283-6469
 PIN # 39268
Please your presence is highly needed in this Teleconference Meeting as AIDU needs to do something for Amiri Clan during this very difficult Pandemic time. Individuals, Organizations, governments and others are doing the same thing, helping the less fortunate.
Please keep safe and remain connected
Prince Dr. Vitalis Ogbeama
National President
April 21, 2020
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