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Villages in Amiri

Amiri town is made up of 10 villages. They are (in alphabetical order):

1. Amaokpara
2. Amuka
3. Ishiorie
4. Mbubu
5. Nchoko
6. Ubahazu
7. Ugbeke
8. Umudioka
9. Umuduru
10. Umuocheta

If you know the history of Amiri or other relevant information, please let us know via the comment box below.

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  1. Many thanks to Chief Ekwueme Cosmas Nwerem for his comment. As he rightfully stated there seem to be “personal” issues that prevent leaders of the four autonomous communities in Amiri from working cooperatively to maintain, rehabilitate and expand existing infrastructure in Amiri town. I wish someone can point us to one thing these leaders successfully implemented that benefited the entire Amiri town. If there is, AIDU could use the knowledge to design a strategy for bringing​ them back to the table. If there’s none, AIDU must be ready for a rough ride if we channel our efforts first to make them cooperate.

    Alternatively I suggest that AIDU should seriously consider how to strengthen the leadership capacity of the Amiri Clan Development Union (ACDU). I’m convinced that successful interactions between AIDU and ACDU in the future will create a joint and new powerful energy in the town. That energy could force leaders of the autonomous communities to pay attention and possibly redirect their energy from “personal” issues to Amiri issues.

    I strongly encourage AIDU to use this 2017 Convention to start designing the strategy for how AIDU and ACDU can tap deeply into the rich resources Amiri is endowed with that Chief Ekwueme pointed out. Making Amiri a livable place would require the joint efforts of the four Ezes, ACDU, AIDU, Amiri Graduate Union, and the key Amiri women organization. But I strongly suggest that AIDU should start with working first with​ ACDU to lay the foundation and model for joint international and local effort.

    Dr. Okwuchukwu Gerald Uba
    AIDU Founding President

  2. Amiri clan of today consists of four autonomous communities with four Traditional Rulers.
    1. HRH Eze B. N. Igbodekwe III, Obi-Gedegwum of Amiri-Isu and Head of Amiri Clan
    2. HRH Eze D. D. Nnabuo, Igwe II of Amiri Oru
    3. HRH Eze L. O. Obilom, Duruoha II of Umuduru Igwemmadu Amiri
    4. HRH Eze C. U. Uzoukwu, Mbu 1 of Mbubu Amiri .

    Posted by HRH Eze B. N. Igbodekwe III of Amiri-Isu.
    Originally published on WorldOruUnion.Org
    August 25, 2016.

  3. Webmaster’s Note: Chief Igbodekwe posted his comment on Oru website back in 2016. He did not post it on AIDU. I simply copied it from and gave him attribution. I do not know if he has ever visited our website but we will be glad to hear from him.

    You have been a friend since my wife and I visited your Palace/Kingdom in December 2015.
    I am, gladly, assuming that you can lecture us on this platform about the circumstances and differences surrounding:

    1. AMIRI Town,
    2. Amiri Clan, and the
    3. Autononous Community Creation in Amiri.

    What roles do we expect from you and others to play for the advancement, and livability of Amiri, and her citizens? Your appearance, and comment on this AIDU Oru site is a striking wake up call that gives us guarantee that our leaders have the ability to use modern technology to interact with Amiri people home and abroad. Please, hold on tight to your headship, and we expect nothing less.

    I expect that more Amiri people … will like to seek answers from you and other local leaders, and we expect sincere and correct feed back. You can, also, use this platform to instruct, advice, and give us a sense of direction as to where Amiri should be heading. Amiri citizens are happy, as I am, to know that one of our Royal Kings can communicate with us through the available media. Thanks so very much for your initiative for the successful attempt in use of Amiri International Development Union (AIDU) Oru Website. More grease to your elbows. Prayer: Oh God deliver us and our families from the hands of the evil ones. Amen.

    Chief Ekwueme Cosmas Nwerem

  4. Please can I know which of the villages in Amiri was chief ONYIOKWU(Pronouce as spelt, I might be wrong with the spelling) was from. I will really appreciate if this is attend to.

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