ekene ojibe’s reaction to the 2023 convention

Good Afternoon Umunnem.

De Achad, welcome home and thanks be to God for journey mercies, and so shall He grant same to all of us as we make our ways back to our individual bases.

My brothers and sisters, I AIDU declare (get it?) that this is one of our best conversations in recent memories. My lovely wife and I have been here in the Big Easy since Thursday and we were able to visit some of the Hot Spots the city has to offer. We were able to visit and shop at the Riverwalk Outlets in the downtown area, visited the Superdome, home of the Saints and also the home of the Pelicans, the famous French Quarter, as well as the sites where Katrina reared her ugly head many years ago, and many other spots.

I have been to a lot of cities in the good old US of A, and I must say that New Orleans with her Southern hospitality and rich history definitely made the list. We had a marvelous time.

Atty. Obioha and family, you have proven to all of us that it doesn’t take a lot of people to make something good happen, but, all it takes is one committed soul. Neither American Heritage nor the Oxford English dictionary, or even Google has formulated a word to express my gratitude to you and your lovely family for how you treated us this weekend, but please simply accept, THANK YOU for all you did for your brothers and sisters. It shall continue to be well with you and your family.

I wholeheartedly believe that AIDU is back. Please let us put our differences aside and lend our unwavering support to this new and young generation of AIDU leadership. As for me, I have pledged my support to this administration in carrying this great Association over the threshold.

It was really, really nice seeing all of you this weekend. Go well and go in grace my brothers and sisters. As they say, don’t just go to church, be the church.


Hon. Ekene Ojibe.
(Ojukwu na New Jersey)
August 21, 2023.

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