Farewell message from prof. ngwadom

AIDU Successful Convention!!!!!!!
God! You did it for us again. Your people of Amiri Ancient Kingdom say thank you.
We thank God for bringing peace back to our land, for Your sons and daughters say thank you reconciliation of our differences and focusing on our similarities and oneness. We’re grateful for journey mercies and safe travels to and from New Orleans. The hospitality and organization of Pius Obioha and his family, for those who served Amiri International Development Union (AIDU) in any capacity in the past, for a successful election and new leadership for AIDU, and for leading us back home safely.
Lastly, Father, we commit Amiri into Your hands. May Your name be glorified through our continued journey in Jesus name. Amen.
Ekelekamchukwu Ngwadom
Immediate Past President, AIDU
August 20, 2023

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