Amiri convention encouragement

Dear Amirians. I greet you all!

Our convention is coming soon. ‘Asi na ‘Agha eyiri eyi anaghi eri ngworo’. I am expecting all the chapters (New Jersey, Washington DC/Maryland and Oregon) to be in the house. Please buy your advertising pages in our brochure for you and your family to support the convention.

Let local chapters organize for a bus trip from Washington DC to New Orleans; from New Jersey to New Orleans, Texas etc. I don’t expect Oregonians to drive but buying your flight ticket now. Don’t wait for the last minute.

I encourage our wives to push their husbands for summer extravaganza with AIDU in New Orleans. Let our children use this opportunity to know each other. Umu Ada Amiri, we appeal to you to come enmass and show case our traditions.

Please look out for more information in the days ahead. God bless Amiri.

Ekelekamchukwu Ngwadom
President, AIDU

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