Umuada Amiri Inauguration

Umu Ada Amiri USA are blown away by our Washington, DC brothers (Umunawuike) led by our beloved beautiful sister Dr Callista Okoro. These brothers did what brothers do for their sisters. They carried us through with tender love and care. They made our evening a memorable one. Our beloved wife Ada Osimiri spoiled us with her different delicacies for her husband’s sisters. My beloved beautiful auntie much love.
A special thank you to Chief Dr Vitalis Ogbeama who flew in from Oregon to spoil his sisters. And also Chief Dr Ekelekamchukwu Ngwadom that sent his beloved wife and my beautiful niece to be with us. You all showcased why I’m proud of where I come from.
Long live all Amirians. May unity, peace, love, light, spirit and strength be with us all.
Sincerely !!!!!
Eziada Rare Gem, Chief Mrs Chinyere Stella Ukenta-Duru
Adamaobinwanneya 1
Midland UK

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